The Future of SEO Going Into 2020

Google searches from mobile devices were 20% of all searches a few years ago, now they are over 50%, soon to be over 70%. Having a fast loading website designed for mobile devices, with Sans Serif size 13 font and clear finger-touchable buttons with simple calls to action and straight-to-the-point facts and data; these are all mandatory now if you want to grow with the times and not be left behind.

Top 10 things you should be thinking about for 2020, concerned about or doing are…

  1. Mobile – Mobile Optimization
  2. Page Speed – Website/Page Load Speed Times (
  3. Reviews – Developing & Implementing a solid Plan for Review Generation (there are over a dozen sites that allow stars to show in search results, 92% of people today will likely not even consider an unknown company without reviews)
  4. Voice Search – Optimizing for Voice Search (32% of mobile users now use voice search to find local businesses)
  5. Social Media – Being Involved in Social Media (see FB, Linkedin, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc..
  6. Marketing Automation – Implementing an automatic Email follow up system
  7. FB Groups – Joining Facebook groups that pertain to your business and doing Q&A
  8. 2 Step Form – Having a 2 step lead gen form process on your website (2 step forms convert much higher than 1 step)
  9. Newsletter – Having a newsletter, not sharing the contact info, maintaining a database of names and emails
  10. Text Messages – Accepting business text messages instead of calls, even Google maps now has a text message feature

10 Years Into The Future of Search; The Year 2030

There are already beta tests going with mobile devices where hand gestures and eye movements actually navigate a user around the phone and web searches done online. No touching required. The camera identifies hand motions and learns on its own to adapt to the person controlling the device.

Just like Siri learns and adapts to Voice Searches and adjusts itself based on the different voice, accent and slur patterns of the user, soon we will be controlling technology with our eyes and waving our hands in the air.


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